Veterans in Need

Gary D.

Gary is an Army veteran from Indiana. He served January 1963 – January 1966 as an Engineer, Airborne Infantry. His service-related disability is 60% back injury, 10% knee, including 2 replacements, and 70% PTSD. Gary has difficulty walking, and bending over, and has shooting pain and spasms in his back.

Gary enjoys fishing, trail hiking, mushroom hunting, plowing snow off driveways, and mowing grass. He says that having a TUC Tracked Utility Carrier would be “freedom. It would allow me to do more things with a purpose, get back into the woods with my family, and maintain my own property without depending on someone else.”


Vietnam Army Commendation Medal with Valor

Jerry M.

Jerry is a Marine Corps veteran from Indiana. He served February 1967 to June 1969, and in Vietnam September 1967 – October 1968. Jerry is a Survivor of TET Offensive 1968. Jerry also survived a helicopter crash in 1968, which caused injury to his neck and back.

Jerry’s struggles include walking long distances and getting dressed in the mornings. He is very involved with Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and is a Service Officer that helps veterans get benefits. He is also involved in MAC-V, the Mayor’s Advisory Council for Veterans. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Veterans Support Council of Marion County (VSCMC) and the Dr. Otis Bowen Veterans House for homeless veterans.

He loves spending time outdoors, hunting, and fishing. He’s been married 48 years with three kids and five grandkids. Jerry retired from General Motors and Rolls Royce after 33 years of service. Jerry says that having a TUC Tracked Utility Carrier would “allow me to plow snow in my neighborhood, mow grass, and take it on excursions exploring the great outdoors. It would also allow me to go to amusement parks and do the normal outdoor things with my grandkids.”


National Defense Ribbon
Vietname Combat Ribbon with Valor
Vietnam Service Ribbon with 3 Stars

Kevin B.

Kevin is a retired Marine Corps veteran from Indiana with 33 years of service. He volunteered to be a Marine Infantryman from July 1973 – July 1975 and received an Army direct commission in 1984, serving until December 31, 2014. Kevin was 59 ½ years old when he completed his last mission with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He volunteered form 2002 until October 2014 for every tour in several war zones. He did 17 six-month to one year tours and was away from home 80% of the time. From 1979 to 2002, Kevin worked in the public schools as a teacher, coach and administrator.

Nearly all of Kevin’s missions were within special operations organizations forbidding Kevin to discuss them, but one mission he can describe is when the State of Indiana asked him to build a program that would reconstruct Iraq and Afghanistan with Indiana’s capabilities. The Indiana Military and Indiana Government placed Kevin in Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). While specializing in Urban Operations for JFCOM, Kevin also worked inside NATO with the urban operations program. Two years after accomplishing his task, Hillary Clinton DoS stated that Indiana will train and deploy people to reconstruct foreign nations. This expanded to other programs that Indiana has ongoing currently.

In 2004, while serving with Special Operation Central (SOCCENT) in Iraq, Kevin injured his ankle exiting a helicopter. He used an ankle brace until completing his last tour in October 2014. By retirement in December 2014, his ankle was permanently damaged. His ankle is fused together with six screws, a steel L bracket, and steel wire that keeps his tibia and fibula together. Kevin also has bars, screws, a spacer, and metal liners in his back. He’s had a total right knee replacement with the left knee replacement scheduled in 2019. His gait is altered and it is difficult to stand for long periods of time. Walking with his wife Kathy, something he always used to do, is limited to short distances. Kevin is often left out of outdoor activities because of his mobility issues.

He loves the outdoors and believes that a TUC Tracked Utility Carrier would allow him to ride into a deer blind or go bird watching. With a TUC, Kevin would “go hunting for deer this fall, go mushroom hunting, Kevin Buckingham and travel to state and federal parks!!!” He would be able to volunteer for organizations that need support for outdoor activities like the DNR. He looks forward to getting out with his grandkids and using the TUC to transport him places so he’d be able to stand a little while longer.


Legion of Merit
Sagamore of Wabash (civilian)

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