Veterans in Need

AnThony R.

Anthony is an Army veteran from Indiana. He served November 1991 through August 2000, 11B Infantry, and is Air assault qualified. He was discharged with a cervical service-related disability. Anthony’s struggles include walking, breathing, seeing, and hearing. He has difficulty getting dressed in the morning, bending over, or standing for long periods of time. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, planting food plots, and gardening.

Brett B.

Brett is an Army veteran from Indiana. He served 2010-2013 as an Infantryman, completing his basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia and was stationed at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska.

Marty T.

Marty is an Army veteran from Indianapolis, IN. He served 1988 –1995 and has been in the Indiana Army National Guard since January 1999, full-time since 2000. He was mobilized for Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1991; Deployed to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar 2004-2005; Deployed to Iraq, Kuwait 2007-2009.

Veterans in need of a TUC, Tracked Utility Carrier

Don B.   U.S. Army

Brett B.   U.S. Army

Kevin B. U.S. Marine Corps

Gary D.   U.S. Army

Steve E.   U.S. Army

Justin L.   U.S. Army

Ronnie M.   U.S. Army

Jerry M.   U.S. Marine Corps

Brandon P.   U.S. Army

Otis P.   U.S. Army

Anthony R.   U.S. Army

David S.   U.S. Marine Corps

Marty T.   U.S. Army

Steve E.   U.S. Army

Steve L.   U.S. Army

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