Ronnie M.

Ronnie is an Army veteran from indiana. He served on howitzer 105. Ronnie explains that Direct Fire is when the Vietnamese would cross the wire and were within the perimeter 100 to 150 yards. Indirect Fire is out past the perimeter 400 to 450 yards out. Ronnie’s service-related disabilities include exposure to Agent Orange, hearing loss, cancer, PTSD, heart attack, heart stent, neuropathy in both hands and legs. He struggles getting dressed in the morning, walking, and breathing. Neuropathy can be debilitating some days.

Ronnie enjoys planting food plots, hunting, and going to the lake. He would use the TUC Tracked Utility Carrier to haul wood or other items he’d need to transport, such as game. He would mow grass as well. “It will allow me to have a lot more independence as well as a sense of freedom,” Ronnie explains.