Don B.

Don is an Army veteran from Indiana. He served July 15, 1965 – July 1967. Don was an Infantryman stationed in Vietnam, guarding the harbors as the ships would come in carrying supplies and ammunition. He was sent to Fort Knox to be a Drill Sergeant. As a Rifleman, he experienced a lot of patrols through the jungles of Vietnam.

Don suffers from Agent Orange exposure resulting in diabetes along with hearing loss, neuropathy, and stints in both legs. He struggles with standing, walking distances, difficulty sleeping, and needs help in the morning to get ready for the day. Don loves being outdoors whether hunting or fishing. He enjoys every minute of camping with the family.

He says, “The TUC will allow me to get around my property in Brown County Indiana. As you know, we have a lot of hills and this machine will allow me to go places I would never have been able to go.”


National Defense Medal
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietname Service Medal Good Conduct