What's a TUC?

The TUC, tracked utility carrier, drives utility on to new levels. A compact tool carrier with the industrial capability to drive multiple powered and non-powered attachments. The comfort, ergonomics, and power to drive value on to new levels for commercial and residential compact utility equipment.

The TUC offers several innovations:

Comfort. The TUC offers automobile-industry air-ride seating. Our engineers designed in-track suspension for relaxation and stability.

Range and Power. Current tracked chair owners/users complained that the battery life was far too short for outdoor excursions. The TUC answered with a 37hp air-cooled gasoline engine, which provides greater speed (up to 5 mph), power and longer ride time (up to 40 miles @ 2500 RPM).

Safety. ATVs may be considered indirect competition, but an OSHA bulletin states that ATV roll-over, referred to as overturning, is one of the leading incidents that result in fatalities and account for 46 percent of occupational injuries and fatalities. As a result of that market research, TUC designers included ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), seatbelts, and automatic shut-off (operator presence detection) for additional safety.

Additional Attributes. The use of hydraulics allows for smoother take-off and stopping, and in future generations, power implements. The TUC also includes industry-proven controls, display, switches, and electronic components. This makes it a vehicle for work and recreation. As a utility vehicle, the TUC is designed with 2-inch hitch receptacles in the front and rear for the utilization of our patented Quick Attach system for tools such as plows, brooms, sprayers, winches, trailers, etc., and has a 4,200lb towing capacity.