December begins a season of giving that we’re especially excited about because it embodies the spirit and motivation for what the Tracks4Vets team tries to practice all year long. This season, and all it represents, is the core of who we are as individuals and what we represent as a program. God the Father gives His Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice- one for all (2 Corinthians 5:14). We recognize that it takes humility to give- whether time, money, or talent, and the volunteers at Tracks4Vets are humbled and honored to be able to partner with those who so willingly, courageously sacrifice. Tracks4Vets is a platform for funds, foundations, businesses, and individuals to partner in meeting the needs of our veteran applicants whether those needs are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The TUC is our tool of choice for meeting those needs. Ring-Co intentionally operates the Tracks4Vets program through Community Foundations which offer accountability, support of local programs, and the benefit of non-profit status. This allows the T4V program to work with people who are already passionately pursuing veteran interests; coming alongside donors, corporations, and other non-profits in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition.

Now, a couple definitions for the sake of clarification:

Chair- “a seat typically having four legs and a back for one person” (Merriam-Webster) -ity: suffix, “condition or quality of being” (

The TUC is not a chair, not a wheelchair, not a tracked chair. It is a machine.

Machine- “an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work” (

Ok, so the “chair-ity” play on words has a dual purpose. It is an appeal for you to consider Tracks4Vets as a charity to support, and it’s also an invitation to better understand exactly what you’re supporting.  

A problem arises when the TUC is mistaken for the mobility devices provided to veterans as an “all-terrain chair.” Let me assure you that the TUC’s purpose and performance are distinctly different.

The TUC is a machine built for work. The T4V mission is to provide our veteran applicants with a tool that will give them independence and a purpose- the opportunity to work, serve, or play. This vehicle exemplifies the attitude and grit that a soldier needs to “Drive On.” The TUC is unique in that it allows our veterans and their family members to earn a living or volunteer in their communities. It is an industrialized machine that works much like a compact skid steer, but it is safe, accessible, and comfortable. We want to give our heroes more than a chair that goes from point A to point B. We offer them, through the TUC, a means to mow, plow snow or dirt, drill fence post holes, plant, haul, push… whatever it takes to maintain their property or neighborhood with a powerful and reliable machine. Whether it’s taking care of family or obtaining gainful employment, we see the TUC as the ideal means to fulfill the goal of so many veteran programs by re-enabling our heroes to do the things they love and offering hope for their future.

Countless veterans see the benefit of the TUC and several (15 to date) have completed an application in the Tracks4Vets program. Please take time to read their compelling stories. The Ring-Co team works (volunteers) on their behalf to acquire sponsors (individuals, businesses, and funds/foundations) for each serviceman and woman. Not only that, but Ring-Co is so committed to the program that we donate a percentage of our profit margin for each veteran that is sponsored.

Intentional people want to give a gift that keeps on giving; one with present and future benefit. The Tracks4Vets program allows contributors to support a veteran that in turn can support his or her family and community. If that’s not “pay it forward,” I don’t know what is.

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