Tracks4Vets is on a tactical mission to help restore Purpose, Hope, and Community to our Nation’s Heros and Families through our wellness tracks and services.
Together we can get back on track to a better quality of life! 





property management tools, independence​


fitness, nutrition, alternative therapy


team building, fishing/hunting, serving

"You don't have to just sit in the house. It reminds you that you didn't lose everything, You can still do it, just a different way."
Justin L.
U.S. Army speaking of the Vocation Track
Tracks4Vets is seeking individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations who recognize the urgency of assisting our veterans; who understand that reviving purpose, hope, and community is the best method of attack, and who wish to join us as  financial partners and volunteers.


Only 2% of the American population has served in the military. Of those that served, there are nearly 4 and half million veterans with a permanent disability as a result of disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.

Service-connected (SC) disability according to the VA

  • The disability was a result of disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.

Increase of 117% of veterans with a service-connected disability since 1990

  • This increase is concentrated among those rated 50% or higher.

Our Team is just getting started. Join us in changing lives today.









What Veterans Are Saying

"I believe I would experience a greater assistance with simple and daily tasks such as mowing grass and simple yard work, maneuverability in general, and provide less difficulties with long walks."
Marty T.
U.S. Army
"I would enjoy time with my kids and enjoy the little things I used to do."
Brett B.
U.S. Army

THANK YOU to Our Partners

About Us

Tracks4Vets receives charitable donations through our partnerships with local community foundations. These partnerships allow Tracks4Vets to ensure our donors will receive a charitable deduction for their gifts. It also means that our level of transparency is not of our own board, but also through the fiscal oversight of our community foundation partners who account for and handle all donations. These partnerships also allow Tracks4Vets to have a direct connection to the communities who serve our Veterans. This local connection through our community foundations gives familiarity to the local businesses to simplify the giving process with a trust that is already established. Tracks4Vets also encourages participation from all. We want to partner with individuals, with businesses, and with other not-for-profits. None of this would be possible without a network of people with servant hearts willing to be ambassadors to support the Tracks4Vets cause.
Tracks4Vets is a Fund of the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC). CFMC serves as the 501(c)3 charitable agent and is an accredited community foundation.
If you would like to help support us you can donate electronically by clicking one of the donate buttons or you can write a check
payable to: Tracks4Vets
​mail to: 8402 S 250 W Trafalgar IN. 46181